Open-air cinemas in Vienna (2024)

Every summer in Vienna, numerous open-air cinemas show films on a wide range of topics. There is free admission to the Music Film Festival at City Hall Square, the Kaleidoskop at Karlsplatz, and to the traveling "Volxkino". Original versions with English or German subtitles can often be seen.

At the annual Music Film Festival, Vienna's City Hall Square becomes the meeting point for music lovers and night-owls – because the focus is on music films and culinary delicacies. The range of music films shown covers everything from opera to pop. The Music Film Festival is free of charge and runs the whole summer long – from July 1 to September 3, 2023.

The Cinema like never before at Augartenspitz presents a mix of popular movie classics and exciting new discoveries from Austria and around the world again from June 22. The "Back to the 90ies" series has cult classics of the 1990s on the program, with a tribute dedicated to film music legend Ennio Morricone. At the cinema sessions, classic silent movies will be accompanied by live music. This year's central theme is "Leading Ladies", which focuses on strong women of early cinema. Film specials are also dedicated to two strong women: Director Maria Schrader (currently known for "She Said") and the editor Monika Willi, who received an Oscar nomination this year for her work on Todd Field's "Tár". Culinary delights are supplied by the Grünstern garden kitchen.

The open-air cinema Kaleidoskop on Karlsplatz shows films that touch, amuse, get audiences thinking and discussing, dreaming and taking action on 17 evenings – and all with free admission. This year, the audience is taken along on cinematic city trips. Before each film screening, there are performances ranging from dance battles to concerts and readings.

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The Cinema on the Roof of the Main Library on the Gürtel is celebrating its 20th birthday this year and showing national and international film highlights that you simply mustn't miss. The opening includes the Austrian movie "Die Vermieterin" by Sebastian Brauneis. There are also big international movies on the program, such as "The Whale", "Triangles of Sadness", "The Fabelmans" and "Tár".

A traveling cinema in the old tradition is the Volxkino. It has pitched its tents at unusual locations for over thirty years: between market stalls or social housing buildings, in parks or on public squares. Apart from feature films and documentaries away from the mainstream, the Volxkino also focuses on Austrian film. The event starts at Karmelitermarkt in the 2nd district on June 14. Admission is free of charge on all dates.

The frame[o]ut Film Festival in the MuseumsQuartier presents a colorful cross-section of documentary films and numerous independent films from around the world on 16 evenings in July and August.

dotdotdot, a festival for short films, is held again in the idyllic garden of the Austrian Museum of Folk Life and Folk Art. On 15 evenings - every Sunday, Monday and Tuesday - around 100 international short films and film discussions with the attending guests are on the program.

Music Film Festival at Vienna City Hall Square

July 1 – September 3, 2023
Free admission

City Hall Square


    MapPoints of interest in the area

    Cinema like never before

    June 22 – August 20, 2023
    Ticket reservations at: and 0800 808 133
    Films in the original with German or English subtitles


    Augartenspitz/Obere Augartenstraße 1e

      MapPoints of interest in the area


      June 30 - July 14, 2023
      Free admission
      Films in the original with German or English subtitles
      Accessible evenings of film for the deaf and hard of hearing, induction systems


      • Accessibility

        • Comments

          Guiding system for the visually impaired with special "leading stones" (grooves and knobs), which can be felt with canes or feet - for the passage between the individual artistic institutions on Karlsplatz (e.g. Künstlerhaus, Musikverein) and for crossing the Friedrichstrasse-Lothringerstrasse intersection (which has heavy traffic), the traffic lights have audible signals.

      MapPoints of interest in the area

      Cinema on the Roof

      June 1 – September 10, 2023
      Tickets can be reserved online at:
      Some films in German, others in the original version with subtitles

      Vienna Main Library (Hauptbücherei Wien)

      Urban-Loritz-Platz 2a
      • Opening times

        • Mo - Fr,11:00 - 19:00
        • Sa,11:00 - 17:00

      MapPoints of interest in the area


      June 14 – September 16, 2023
      Free admission
      Some films in German, others in the original version with German subtitles
      Various locations throughout Vienna
      Starts at Karmelitermarkt


      Krummbaumgasse / Leopoldsgasse / Haidgasse
      • Opening times

        • Mo - Fr,06:00 - 21:00
        • Sa,06:00 - 17:00

      MapPoints of interest in the area

      frame[o]ut Film Festival

      July 14 – September 2, 2023
      Every Friday and Saturday from 10.00 pm.
      Free admission
      Films in the original with German or English subtitles

      MuseumsQuartier Vienna

      Museumsplatz 1
      • Vienna City Card

        • Benefits of the Vienna City Card:-21%

          Additional information on the offer:

          FAB 5 Combiticket includes the visit to Architekturzentrum Wien, Kunsthalle Wien, Leopold Museum, mumok und frei_raum Q21 /

          Normal price: 35€ /
          VCC price: 27,50€ /
          Savings in Euro: 7,50€

          Online ticket:

      • Accessibility

        • Main entrance
          • no steps
        • Car parks Main entrance
          • 4Parking spaces for people with disabilities
            6 parking spaces within the MuseumsQuartier complex
        • Elevator available
        • Further information
          • Seeing eye dogs allowed
          • Wheelchair accessible restroom available.
        • Special offers for people with disabilities

          Wheelchair service in the MQ-Point by the main entrance: daily 10 am – 7 pm free rental (form of ID left as a deposit). Inductive audio systems in the auditoriums (Hall E + G). 
Seeing-eye dogs by prior arrangement with the respective cultural institutions.

        • Comments

          Access to all MuseumsQuartier institutions: no steps. All public elevators are suitable for wheelchairs.

      MapPoints of interest in the area


      July 30 – August 29, 2023
      Every Su, Mo, Tu
      Some films in German, others in the original version with subtitles

      Austrian Museum of Folk Life and Folk Art (Volkskundemuseum Wien)

      Laudongasse 15-19
      • Opening times

        • Tu - Su,10:00 - 17:00
        • Currently not open for exhibitions.

      • Accessibility

        • Main entrance
          • no steps(Automatic sliding doors 180cmwide)
        • Car parks Main entrance
          • Parking spaces for people with disabilities
        • Further information
          • Seeing eye dogs allowed
        • Special offers for people with disabilities

          Special tours for visually impaired visitors.

        • Comments

          Access to permanent exhibition area and café: no steps, freight elevator to special exhibition rooms (assistance necessary).

      MapPoints of interest in the area

      Open-air cinemas in Vienna (2024)


      What does OV mean in movies in Austria? ›

      To find the right version look out for the following abbreviations in the cinema programme: OV (original version), OmU (original version with subtitles) and OmeU (original version with English subtitles).

      Is the Vienna Film Festival free? ›

      Film Festival at Vienna's Rathausplatz. For 65 days, City Hall Square is once again a pulsating open-air meeting point: The Film Festival at Rathausplatz presents musical highlights of opera, classical, pop, and rock as well as culinary delights from July 1. That's summer in Vienna. Free admission!

      What is the oldest open-air cinema in the world? ›

      The world's oldest open-air cinema in operation can be found in Broome, Australia. Since 1916, Sun Pictures Garden Cinema has been screening films outdoors – a Guinness world record.

      What does OV mean in cinema? ›

      OV (Original Version): This screening will have no changes whatsoever. No dubbing, no subtitles (unless they're part of the original film).* OmU (Original mit Untertiteln): Meaning 'original with subtitles', OmU films have the original audio* along with subtitles.

      What do Austrians call Austria? ›

      The native name for Austria, Österreich, derives from the Old High German Ostarrîchi, which meant "eastern realm" and which first appeared in the "Ostarrîchi document" of 996.

      What does DF mean in cinema? ›

      Other German abbreviations used below are: OF Original version | DF German version | OmU Original with German subtitles | OmeU Original with English subtitles. All films are normally shown without commercials, so the time shown in the calendar is the start of the screening.

      What concerts to watch in Vienna? ›

      • Vienna Classical Concert at St. ...
      • Vienna Mozart Concert in Historical Costumes at the Musikverein. ...
      • Concert in St. ...
      • Schönbrunn Palace Concert in Vienna. ...
      • Mozart and Vivaldi's The Four Seasons Concert at Musikverein. ...
      • Sound of Vienna: Johann Strauss and Mozart Concert. ...
      • Private Day Tour of Hallstatt and Salzburg from Vienna.

      What time does the Vienna film festival start? ›

      2024 dates, tickets & tips

      The films typically begin at dusk, but the food stalls usually open from the late morning (11am last time out).

      What is city ticket Vienna? ›

      The Vienna City Card offers free travel on Vienna's public transport (underground, trams and buses) plus more than 210 discounts at museums and sights, theatres and concerts, in shops, cafés and restaurants for 24, 48 or 72 hours.

      What is the oldest continuously operating movie theater in America? ›

      The oldest continuously operating cinema theatre is the Washington Iowa State Theatre (USA) in Washington, Iowa, USA, which opened on 14 May 1897, and as of 26 January 2022 has been in continuous operation for 124 years, 257 days.

      What country has the oldest cinema? ›

      Szczecin, Poland

      The oldest cinema in the world (in one place non stop), the "kiniarnia" downstairs is a cafe with a cinema and is the pearl of the place. Every tourist must come here.

      What is the oldest continuously operating theater in America? ›

      Walnut Street Theatre, founded in 1809 at 825 Walnut Street, on the corner of S. 9th Street in the Washington Square West neighborhood of Philadelphia, is the oldest operating theatre in the United States.

      What does D+ mean in cinema? ›

      D+ Pretty bad, although watchable in parts. D. Consistently poor; worth going out of your way to miss.

      What does CC mean in theaters? ›

      Closed captioning (CC) refers to the text version of the spoken words that accompany videos or movies so that us deaf and hard of hearing people can also enjoy watching movies.

      What does "OmU" mean in German? ›

      If a movie is not announced as “Originalversion (OV)” (= original version) or “Original mit Untertiteln (OmU)” (= original with subtitles), it will be in German. Nearly all movies in foreign languages will be dubbed here.

      What is FV and OV in cinema? ›

      | hall 3. 13 00OV. 18 00OV. OV = Original Version | FV = French Version.

      What does vo mean in portuguese cinema? ›

      VO means that it is in its original version while VP stands for Portuguese version (dubbed).

      What is a movie in vo? ›

      In Barcelona original language cinemas are called V.O. This stands for Version Original". So look out for the symbol "V.O." on the film posters."

      Does Austria have a film industry? ›

      And yet, Austria boasts a creative and vibrant film scene. Austrian filmmakers have been internationally successful for years; they are invited to festivals, their work raking in awards. Vienna has a wide variety of arthouse cinemas and a densely filled calendar of festivals.


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