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STOP the Search!! Grab the Top 30 Best TH11 Base Layouts of the current meta. Use these TH11 Base Links to dominate in Clash of Clans, whether is CWL, Legend League, War or protecting your resources with our Hybrid bases.

Introducing the Best TH11 Base Links (CWL/Hybrid/War/Legend)

Prepare to be blown away by the ultimate selection of Town Hall 11 bases that will revolutionise your gameplay. Introducing the highly anticipated "Blueprint CoC Bases of 2024" article, where we unveil the crème de la crème of base designs exclusively crafted by the Blueprint CoC Base Builders.

From dominating Clan War Leagues to ingenious Hybrid bases, impenetrable War bases, and even Legends League supremacy, we've left no stone unturned in curating this phenomenal lineup. Brace yourself for a visual feast as we showcase the 30 most exceptional bases that Blueprint CoC has to offer.

It's time to elevate your Clash of Clans experience to unprecedented heights. Get ready to unravel the secrets behind these awe-inspiring blueprints and discover the perfect foundation for your TH11 account. Don't miss out on this game-changing opportunity. Your victory awaits!

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Discover Your Perfect Base Style from the Top 30 Blueprint CoC TH11 Bases!

Are you on the hunt for the ultimate TH11 base that perfectly matches your playstyle? Look no further! Whether you're a Legends League conqueror, a War Strategist, a Clan War League Champion, or a Trophy-Pushing Enthusiast, Blueprint CoC has precisely what you're seeking.

Prepare to be amazed as we unveil our handpicked selection of the Top 30 Blueprint CoC TH11 Bases Layouts. From top-tier defense strategies to flawless trophy push designs, we've curated an assortment of bases that cater to every conceivable style.

It's time to seize the advantage and claim your victory in Clash of Clans. Don't settle for mediocre bases when greatness awaits. Explore our collection and find the TH11 base of your dreams. The path to triumph starts here!


Top 30 TH11 Bases▶️ Blueprint CoC

Join us as we explore these incredible bases designed to dominate in CWL, Hybrid, War, and Legend leagues. From clever trap placements to strategic defenses, each base offers a unique approach to fortifying your village. Watch the video embedded below to discover the best bases for ultimate protection and gain inspiration for your own Clash of Clans gameplay. Don't miss out on this epic showcase of base-building brilliance!

TOP 30 Best TH11 Blueprint CoC BASES of 2024 (CWL/Hybrid/War/Legend) with Link

Check out the Top 30 Best TH11 Blueprint Base Layouts from the video andnotethe ones you like the most. After that, just go to ourYouTube videoandget the base links in the description or in the comments

  • Base 1: Trophy Base
    This trophy base features an interesting and versatile layout with corridors and walls strategically placed. The aim is to make it challenging for attackers to break through and reach the Town Hall.
  • Base 2: War Base
    Designed with a unique setup of walls and compartments, this war base showcases an effective defensive strategy. The Town Hall is isolated and surrounded by multi-inferno towers, providing strong protection against enemy attacks.
  • Base 3: Clan War League Base
    Featuring a diamond-shaped layout, this base is optimized for clan war leagues. It incorporates strategic placement of defensive structures to defend the Town Hall and important resources.
  • Base 4: Hybrid Base
    Created by Loki, this base design utilizes a ring layout with defensive structures positioned strategically. The base focuses on protecting the Town Hall while ensuring strong defense against various attack strategies.
  • Base 5: Trophy Base
    Built by Maxi, this trophy base employs an innovative design with a combination of open corners and centralized defenses. The Town Hall is well-protected, and the base aims to deter attackers from reaching it.
  • Base 6: Clan War League Base
    Designed as a clan war league base, this layout features a box base design with multiple compartments and defensive structures. The base aims to provide a solid defense and strategic placement of key defenses.
  • Base 7: Trophy Base
    With its intriguing corner placement and defensive layout, this trophy base is designed to confuse attackers. The Town Hall is strategically isolated, and the sweeping defenses create additional challenges for the enemy.
  • Base 8: War Base
    This base showcases a unique symmetric design, with a focus on balanced defense. The Town Hall is positioned at six o'clock, surrounded by defensive structures and protected by multiple layers of walls.
  • Base 9: Hybrid Base
    Created by Teemper, this hybrid base features a large compartment filled with storages, including the Town Hall and Eagle Artillery. The design aims to make it difficult for attackers to reach the valuable loot.

  • Base 10: Trophy Base
    Featuring an interesting wall setup, this trophy base focuses on protecting the Wizard Towers, Archer Towers, and Cannons. The Tesla Farm, along with the defensive heroes, adds an extra layer of defense.

  • Base 11: War Base
    Designed by Maxi, this base incorporates a creative and intricate wall arrangement. The central compartments provide strong protection for the Town Hall, while the outer defenses form an impenetrable barrier.

  • Base 12: Trophy Base
    With its slang wordly layout, this base presents a unique and visually appealing design. The core defenses, along with the Tesla Farm, work together to defend the Town Hall effectively.

  • Base 13: Trophy Base
    Featuring a square-shaped layout, this base acts as a defensive ring around the Town Hall. The sweeping defenses and coordinated placement of buildings make it challenging for attackers to breach the core.

  • Base 14: War Base
    This base boasts an impressive floral design, incorporating strategic placement of defensive structures. The arrangement of walls and the proximity of key defenses provide strong defensive capabilities.

  • Base 15: Hybrid Base
    Built by Teemper, this base features a fish-like setup, with the Town Hall positioned outside at three o'clock. The surrounding Teslas and defensive structures create a formidable defense against attacks.

  • Base 16: War Base
    With its square box design, this base emphasizes the protection of key defenses, such as the multi-inferno tower. The outer layer of walls and the dead zone make it challenging for enemies to reach the core.

  • Base 17: Trophy Base
    Designed symmetrically with diamond-shaped compartments, this base offers a strong defensive layout. The Town Hall is placed strategically, and the combination of defenses creates a formidable defense.

  • Base 18: Hybrid Base
    Featuring a creative setup by Teemper, this base places the Town Hall outside at three o'clock. The surrounding defenses, including the Tesla Farm, make it difficult for attackers to penetrate the core.

  • Base 19: War Base
    With an open wall layout, this base creates an intricate pattern that confuses attackers. The central defenses and the placement of multi-inferno towers offer effective defense against various attack strategies.

  • Base 20: Trophy Base
    Designed with a unique and challenging wall arrangement, this trophy base focuses on isolating key defenses and protecting valuable resources. The multi-inferno towers and Teslas add an extra layer of defense.

  • Base 21: War Base
    This base features a symmetrical design with compartments and isolated defenses. The defensive setup aims to protect the Town Hall while offering strategic placements for key defensive structures.

  • Base 22: Trophy Base
    With its symmetric box layout, this base presents a robust defensive arrangement. The combination of walls, corners, and key defenses creates a formidable defense against enemy attacks.

  • Base 23: Hybrid Base
    Similar to Base 18, this base by Teemper places the Town Hall outside and focuses on protecting key resources. The defensive structures are strategically positioned to maximize defense.

  • Base 24: War Base
    Featuring an open wall design, this base emphasizes the protection of the eagle artillery. The surrounding defenses, along withthe layout of walls, make it challenging for attackers to reach the core.

  • Base 25: Trophy Base
    Designed in a ring shape, this trophy base features open walls and effective placement of defensive structures. The multi-inferno tower and Teslas add an extra layer of defense against enemy attacks.

  • Base 26: War Base
    This base showcases a common setup for Town Hall 11s, with the centralized eagle artillery and multi-inferno tower. The outer defenses create a ring-like path for attacking troops, leading them to well-placed traps and defenses.

  • Base 27: Trophy Base
    With a symmetrical layout and open walls, this base offers strong defensive capabilities. The combination of the eagle artillery, heroes, and strategic placements of defensive structures create a challenging defense.

  • Base 28: Trophy Base
    Featuring an open wall design, this symmetric base surrounds the Town Hall with isolated defenses. The diamond-shaped compartments and the strategic placement of walls make it difficult for attackers to breach.

  • Base 29: Trophy Base
    Built by Loki, this symmetric square base design presents a solid defense. The isolated Town Hall, along with the combination of sweeping defenses, makes it challenging for attackers to penetrate the core.

  • Base 30: CWL Base
    This unique and creative base resembles a face, with an open center and a strategic placement of defenses. The centralized multi-inferno tower and well-positioned Teslas provide a formidable defense against attacks.


We have now presented the top 30 Blueprint CoC Bases of 2024 for Town Hall 11 in Clash of Clans. Each base offers its unique design and defensive strategies to help you protect your village in various game modes, including CWL, Hybrid, War, and Legend leagues.

We hope you enjoyed exploring these bases and found inspiration for your own village layout. Remember, selecting the right base is crucial for defending against enemy attacks and securing victories in Clash of Clans.

In the video description, you can find links to each base, allowing you to easily access and implement them in your account. We encourage you to watch the video carefully and choose your favorite base by leaving a comment with its corresponding number.

Let's determine the crowd's favorite base together! Your feedback and engagement are greatly appreciated. Stay tuned for future episodes of Blueprint, as we continue to bring you the best bases for Clash of Clans.

Thank you for joining us on this exciting journey through the top 30 blueprint bases of 2024. We look forward to seeing you in the next episode of Blueprint. Don't hold back, Clash on!

Note:The information and bases presented in this blog post are intended for entertainment and informational purposes only. The effectiveness of these bases may vary depending on updates and changes in Clash of Clans gameplay.


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Top 30 Best TH11 Base Layouts of 2024 ▶️ Blueprint CoC (2024)


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