Personal Branding & Storytelling - How to communicate your own successes in business - Mirakul (2024)

Words of the participants

Business communication and etiquette

I would like to thank you for the seminar, and also to Mrs. prof. Marija Novak-Ištok, who gave us a lecture with her expert and interesting performance. That Friday flew by in an instant, and in that extremely pleasant atmosphere, interactive communication with lots of practical advice, I felt extremely satisfied during and after the seminar. I took with me new knowledge and another new life experience, which I believe will be very useful in my personal and business journey.

Anita Bukovec, Croatian National Bank

Mini MBA Leadership Skills – ONLINE

Thank you for all the information, care and organization as well as the materials and the Certificate. The Academy 'Mini MBA Leadership Skills - ONLINE' was a wonderful journey through personal and business skills in which I was reminded of a lot, learned a lot, gained new knowledge and skills that I will apply in work and education, and met interesting and promising people. Thanks for the great organization.

Nina Lekić, University of Zagreb, Faculty of Civil Engineering

Digital marketing - ONLINE

Dear Sir or Madam, Many thanks! Both my colleague and I are extremely satisfied with the lecturers, the structure of the lectures as well as the implementation itself.

Prima furniture doo, Nevenka Šarić

Social Media Specialist ONLINE

At the end of the program, I can only give you words of praise. In every respect, everything was done at a very nice and professional level. Kudos to all the lecturers who, in addition to theory and practical tasks, fulfilled my expectations and made this seminar very instructive. And thank you for being available for communication and for regularly informing us and sending us all useful information related to education. Congratulations to you and the entire team of the Mirakul Education Center.

Leo Grabar

Social Media Specialist ONLINE

Although I am a psychologist by profession and I have only recently entered the world of marketing, I think that this program offers everything that a beginner like me needs (that is, much more than a beginner needs, but it is good for a beginner when he can find all the information on one place!). The lecturers are excellent, as are the colleagues who participated in the lectures, and apart from the knowledge of the lecturers about the topics through the program, I was most impressed to hear their real experiences, and I hereby praise them and encourage them to give as many examples as possible, which sometimes mean much more than the theoretical content .

Once again, I want to thank you and praise you for your effort, work, motivation and perseverance to gather all lecturers in one place and use their knowledge for the education of others.

Daria Matković, Center for missing and abused children

Writing and creating a strategy on social networks

The training course 'Writing and creating a strategy on social networks' was great, I had already encountered most of the things, but I filled in the gaps in my knowledge and actually put the knowledge I already have into some context. The two most important things I learned are actually how to write a Strategy document for social networks, how to shape what I already know into a whole, and how to monitor social network analytics from multiple sources at the same time with the help of free tools available on the Internet. I am very satisfied with the education, and I would recommend it to everyone who is interested in this field or whose work touches on it. The lecturer was Mr. Novak from Degordian, and getting to know him is another highlight that I would single out.

Zrinka Mrkonjić, VERN

Business negotiation in sales

It was a great pleasure for me to participate in the training 'Business negotiation in sales', which provided us with new knowledge about negotiation in the field of sales, and completely exceeded my expectations. I would especially like to emphasize that the lecturer, Mr. Perkov, did a great job, and with his knowledge, experience and enthusiasm he managed not only to maintain constant concentration and interest, as well as to ensure the proactiveness of the participants, but also gave us new useful guidelines that are applicable in everyday business activities. Kudos to the lecturer and the organization of the entire training!

Vlatka Iličić, REAM doo

Strategy, Communications and Contests on Social Networks - Performance and communication strategy on social networks

The seminar 'Strategy, Communications and Contests on Social Networks' was extremely good. Content and organization. Lecturer Ana Marija Malić is excellent and deserves the highest rating. She is clear in her presentations, supports everything with arguments, is creative in her solutions and is willing to share her knowledge and experiences. Such seminars should be held "in house" because they are undoubtedly valuable for the general understanding of performances at DM.

Radica Jurkin,head of the Department for Communication and Multimedia of HOO

Digital marketing - ONLINE

Dear Sir or Madam, Thank you for the excellent and useful education as well as the excellent lecturers. Also, thank you for the certificate sent.

Semiconductor Parts and Materials doo, Milica Vujasin

Social Media Specialist - ONLINE

Dear Sir/Madam, I thank you for the sent Certificate as well as the overall cooperation. A very nice and pleasant experience. Given that I am full of impressions and very satisfied with the education, I will be very happy to leave my review in the designated places. Thank you once again and I hope there will be opportunities for new collaborations.

Viktoria Kršulj

Mini MBA - Leadership Skills - ONLINE

Trainer Nika very simply explained what we do wrong and how we behave during a public performance, so that we could immediately recognize each other. I now know how to use the argumentation technique half-heartedly to my advantage. Congratulations for the seminar.

Emina Ademi

HR Academy

I would recommend the HR Academy to anyone who wants to expand their knowledge about HR, with an emphasis on sharing experiences from practice. The lecturers are excellent HR experts who are happy to share their knowledge and experience through interactive lectures and exercises. I am always happy to return to the treasure of knowledge in the form of materials and notes from the HR Academy, especially when I create a new HR process in a fast-growing IT company. Finally, I must say that the value of the whole experience was greatly contributed by the great colleagues with whom I am still in contact. Thank you Mirakul for the excellent organization and care for the participants, I look forward to the next training under your direction!

Anja Oppenheim Barešić, Q Agency

HR Academy

I made the decision to attend the HR Academy several years ago, and I chose Mirakul based on the recommendations of previous participants. The whole experience was exceptional and I can say that I learned a lot of new knowledge and skills, but also met wonderful people with whom I am still in contact today.

Zrinka Stanić, Incore

Social Media Specialist - ONLINE

Thank you very much for everything, the education was excellent, I learned a lot of new things, and I learned a little bit more. Thank you once again, I look forward to using the newly acquired knowledge in practice?

Kristina Tomic, SOS Children's Village Croatia

Business & HR Strategy – Strategic management of human resources

Organized by Mirakula, I attended the seminar "Strategic Management of Human Resources". From the lecturer, Mrs. Matilde Ivaniš Knez gave me answers to all the questions and she accompanied all the theory with concrete examples and quality tools. Many years of experience in the background of all answers is obvious. In addition to the fact that I personally attended one of the seminars of Mirakul's rich program, as HR I realized several more seminars for other departments and every cooperation without exception was extremely professional. I look forward to future meetings!

Suzana Špika Šimera, Head of Human Resources, Include Ltd.


Mini MBA is a great program, with a lot of relevant topics and excellent lecturers who have a lot of experience. I really learned new things that are already helping me to cope better and more efficiently with everyday challenges at work. I would definitely recommend this program to anyone who wants to improve their leadership skills.


Mini MBA - Leadership Skills ONLINE

The program is very useful because I heard some new things, and repeated some that I had already gone through or heard, but simply forgot in the daily pace. We received a lot of useful examples and tools for overcoming daily challenges in managing employees and for creating good and healthy relationships in the workplace.

Maja Žilić, Pevex

Mini MBA - Leadership Skills ONLINE

The Mini MBA lectures encouraged me to analyze and get to know myself better in order to be able to lead other people better. The lecturers approached the topics we covered in a high-quality, structured and simple way and showed methods that can be easily applied in practice and which we practiced. We received recommendations for books so that even after the end of the course, they could study topics of interest to us. I met wonderful people among the participants and lecturers with whom I found a lot of similarities, some of them especially enriched and inspired me with their strength, views, attitudes and persistence in life and showed the path I want to follow.

Marina Mrđa, Končar Energy transformers

Mini MBA - Leadership Skills ONLINE

Mini MBA – Leadership Skills is a program that I would recommend to anyone who wants to expand their knowledge and grow on a professional and personal level. The modules are excellent and well prepared and offer a number of practical tools for everyday use. Lectures are clear and creative with lots of interactive communication and applicable advice. Excellent lecturers with extensive experience are happy to answer the questions of the participants and offer quality solutions. It is really an excellent program that covers all relevant topics and fully met my expectations. This program is for anyone who wants to invest their time wisely.

Josip Krajina, HRT

Social Media Specialist ONLINE

Once again, I thank you as the organizer and all the lecturers at the Social media education. I have to admit that at first I was a bit skeptical about whether I would get specific instructions through the training, but all the modules provided very useful information. Our marketing department had already mastered the use of social networks, but after 13 years of a private FB profile, your education influenced my approach, tone and awakened in me the motivation for that medium. The module "How to create video content" made me aware of a specific approach, the time in which we operate and I learned, and am still learning, how to play indirectly, not at first. We, as a department, began to control our content, create it, understand it as a challenge and a game. I currently see creating topics for social media as journalism, we consciously look for topics for content. Moreover, superiors and colleagues praise the positive changes in our FB posts :)

Tomislav Jelić, Star Import doo

Mini MBA Leadership Skills – ONLINE KK

I thank you for the organization and excellent lecturers. There is no doubt that you managed to put together very attractive and at the same time current topics, with very competent and experienced lecturers.

Krešimir Kakša, Hrvatski Telekom

Project Management ONLINE – Project management according to the PMI method

I am extremely satisfied with the education, organization and performance. I will certainly continue to follow Mirakul and the educations that will be organized in the future.

Benjamin Petrović, Croatian Council for Green Building

Project Management ONLINE – Project management according to the PMI method

Thank you and the lecturers for the exceptional service, overall help and information provided during the education. I am satisfied with all segments of education

Ema Leto, Rathmann doo

Project Management ONLINE – Project management according to the PMI method

The complete preparation and information regarding the educations were at a high level. Every education was interesting and the workshops were very useful. Just keep it up and grow every day.

Igor Ergotić, ININ Informatički inženjering doo

Mini MBA - Leadership Skills ONLINE

Thanks to the entire Mirakul team and all the lecturers on this program! It was very useful, interesting and I am satisfied with the delivered educations! I have already recommended the entire program

Tihomir Vidaković, Philip Morris Zagreb doo

Mini MBA - Leadership Skills ONLINE

The Mini MBA is very well designed, I believe that the lectures and the experience gained will be useful in my future work. In any case, it is to be commended.

Sanja Tucman, Nova TV

Mini MBA - Leadership Skills ONLINE

I am delighted with the program, the lecturers, but also my colleagues from the group - wonderful people who I will miss - but I see that there are initiatives to socialize even after the education, and I am certainly looking forward to that!

Ivana Maltašić, Center Sokol

HR Training for Performance Excellence - ONLINE

First of all, I would like to thank the accessibility and engagement of Mirakul's employees. I got the impression that Mirakul sincerely nurtures an individual approach to the participants of the program and thinks about them. I am extremely satisfied with the structure of the entire program 'HR Training for Performance Excellence – ONLINE', which introduced me to Human Resources processes from recruitment to measuring employee engagement. Lectures took place in a pleasant atmosphere and interactive communication. I am grateful for the interesting and nice lecturers that Mirakul brought together and the openness in sharing the experience of all the lecturers, as well as colleagues. It was great. Very interesting and dynamic. At the end of each lecture, a feeling of fulfillment and satisfaction accompanied me throughout the day. I will certainly follow Mirakul's work and recommend it to my colleagues.

Petra Mirković, Association for the Promotion of Quality of Life

HR Training for Performance Excellence - ONLINE

I am extremely satisfied with the entire program. From the organization and implementation to the lectures themselves, everything was excellent. Thank you for your help and support during the program and I certainly hope for continued cooperation.

Katja Maticic

Advanced Excel for business users - ONLINE

Thanks for the belief. I also thank you for the excellent seminar. Kudos for the presentation. In any case, I will recommend your seminar to others.

Anđa Pavlović, Porsche Croatia doo

Advanced Excel for business users - ONLINE

Thank you for everything. I am very, very satisfied. The seminar was very useful, and the lecturer was interesting. I am looking forward to future educations.

Mirela Jurčec Rajić, Lider Media

Financial management - ONLINE

Thank you for the provided information and timely notification during the program. I am satisfied with the organization and implementation, and I am glad that I had the opportunity to participate in such high-quality lectures. All praise for the lecturer's expertise and ability to present extensive information in a simple and understandable way.

Marija Bartulović, OTP bank dd

Financial management - ONLINE

The best thanks! Great experience, great lectures, great answers

Petar Hrgetic, FORUM Zagreb

Social Media Specialist ONLINE

I can say on my own behalf that the entire program was very useful and that the way in which the lecturers conveyed their knowledge was extremely good, understandable, modern and applicable.

Tanja Augustinović, Kvarner Tourist Board

Google Ads - basic module - ONLINE

Thank you very much for the certificate you sent. The training was very useful and I am satisfied with the organization and implementation of it.

Andreja Istrat, Maistra dd

Social Media Specialist - ONLINE

It was extremely pleasant, fun and educational! I am glad that I decided on education.

Anamarija Pavičić

Digital marketing - ONLINE

I would like to thank Mirakul for the educational program with excellent lecturers and elements that are applicable in everyday work. I would recommend the program to anyone who wants to work in marketing or those who want to increase their knowledge in a certain area that they may not encounter in their daily work.

Mark Mjeda, OT-Optima Telecom dd

Digital marketing - ONLINE

I am very satisfied with the program. It was exactly my measure. Kudos to the lecturers as well. I hope that next year I will be able to enter the advanced Social media manager program.

Sime Vučetić

Financial management - ONLINE

Although finance is not my profession, I definitely recommend this training to anyone who wants to systematically expand their knowledge in the field of business finance. The training systematically guides through the basic concepts, indicators and legalities in the field of financial risk and liquidity management, optimization of relations with the market, improvement of business profitability and financial analysis. The lecturer is a top-notch, experienced expert who leads the participants through well-prepared lectures in a very comprehensible and simple way. I would especially like to praise the organization and support provided by Mirakul - the service that the participants receive is at the highest level, the materials are well prepared and relevant, and the participant has everything necessary for a pleasant and successful participation in the training at all times - from the application process to the conclusion of the training. Great experience!

Maruška Letica, INA dd

Digital marketing - ONLINE

Thank you for the excellent education. It will help me a lot for further work in my company. The lecturers are very good and professional.

Anamarija Marić, IN-CON doo

Digital marketing - ONLINE

Thank you for contacting us and confirming the successful completion of the program! I am very satisfied with the education and lecturers, they were really excellent. I will certainly recommend Mirakul to others.

Kristina Gilja, LeKroy business for publicity

LinkedIn B2B Marketing - How to use the full potential of the LinkedIn network - ONLINE

Dear Sir/Madam, I would like to thank you and Tena for the very high-quality education, which will surely help me in some areas right now and later in the long term. Kind regards until the next meeting.

Matej Lufčić, Jadranka turizam doo

LinkedIn B2B Marketing - How to use the full potential of the LinkedIn network - ONLINE

Thank you! It was very useful.

Monika Karlović, Laka spika doo

Strengthening Leadership Performance - Agile ways of strengthening leadership communication - ONLINE

I thank you for the Conviction and I really thank you for the excellent seminar by lecturer Ana Šimunović. I would like to absolutely praise her engagement and really crystal clear presentation of the topic that we listened to and partly participated in ourselves. Without a finger in my pocket, I can tell you that I carry with me a lot of positive thoughts and a lot of what I have learned where I can further build myself, as a person and as an employee.

Mislav Tomičić, Vaillant

Employer Branding & HR Marketing

Given that I do not come from the HR "environment", I was afraid that education would be too much for me. However, during both lectures I was very active and I was not far behind the other participants (for whom it was the last step to completing the module and finishing the HR Academy). In one word... delight!!! The education exceeded all my expectations, and lecturer Marija Felkel managed to interest me anew with every topic, as did guest lecturer Marin Mlinarić.

Nataša Drinčić, Plavi team doo

HR Academy

HR Academy is an education designed to be applicable for those who work in HR, but also for those who want to go in that career direction. The HR Academy organized by the Mirakul Education Center is a handful of methods, tools and practical examples, which experienced and inspiring lecturers present during different modules. This education opened a couple of new (mental) windows for me, and the acquaintances I made during the academy are the wind at my back for new business collaborations and feats.

Barbara Klen, Society for Psychological Help

HR Academy

An HR professional today is a combination of different knowledge, skills and expertise that go beyond our traditional understanding of what HR is. Through theory, but primarily the practical knowledge and experience of the educator, the HR Academy of the Mirakul Education Center enables the participant to connect different HR segments and apply the knowledge gained within their own organizational context. For me personally, the most important thing is that I can return to certain conclusions or sentences from our discussions / interactions on the modules because they are a guide to the necessary changes for personal and organizational development. Thank you for your hospitality and effort.

Petra Kralj, Kamgrad doo

Social Media Specialist - ONLINE

Dear Sir/Madam, I am very satisfied with the entire program, perhaps I would like to single out lectures on conducting board games, communicating in crisis situations, and also lectures on creating content for social networks as those that will be of great use to me in my work. The entire program is very well organized, with concrete examples from the profession and useful exercises and tasks.

Ivan Badurin

Digital marketing - ONLINE

You have all the praise. Thank you for the excellent seminars and lecturers. Although my job as a web news editor is closely related to the field of digital marketing and I participate in that process almost every day, I must mention that I learned a lot of new things, and some things finally fell into place. This program was definitely a hit for me. I am looking forward to the next program.

Mateja Gajnik

Digital marketing - ONLINE

Dear Sir/Madam, organizationally, everything was excellent. I'm really impressed with how well it all works online. I will definitely turn to you if I need any training.

ALhNER EQUIPMENT doo, Nermina Taletović

Social Media Specialist - ONLINE

Dear Sir/Madam, thank you very much for everything - I learned a lot and I can honestly say that the lectures fully met my expectations.

Nikolina Bulat

Advanced Excel for business users - ONLINE

All praise for the lecturer Ivan Reljić. It is very concise, understandable and conveys knowledge very well.

Željka Čalina, TOMRA Systems doo

Project Management ONLINE – Project management according to the PMI method

Dear Sir or Madam, Thank you for everything. I am more than satisfied with the organization and education, and special praise to you for all the quick feedback and follow-ups, and to the Program Manager Mrs. Rotim for the excellent education that was never boring at any moment.

Davorka Jurjević, Konica Minolta Croatia

Project Management Academy

Thank you Mako for the organization and really good training and professional lecturer.

Petar Gluhak, Decathlon Croatia

Digital marketing - ONLINE

The education is well organized, flexible in relation to the requirements and needs of the participants. The lecturers are excellent and very professional. The trainings are designed in such a way that the content is understandable and attractive not only to people who are already involved in digital marketing, but also to complete beginners in this field as well as to people who make decisions. A lot of practical examples and interactions with participants, as well as the possibility to contact the lecturer after the training, are great added value to this training. All praise!

Lea Fadljević, HEP-TOPLINARSTVO doo

Project Management ONLINE – Project management according to the PMI method

One of the better consulting and educational companies, and I have gone through a sufficient number of educations, seminars, lectures - to be able to compare. From the initial communication very professional, professional, organized, proactive, coordinated but unobtrusive..this gives them the right to be self-confident, but still modest:) I went through an intensive Project Management program according to the PMI method: where I received a lot of quality and useful information , acquired additional knowledge and preparation for further upgrades; met a lot of interesting people, some of whom I see as certified PMs, but also much more than that. Of course, the lecturers were expert and congratulations to Mirakul for selecting the entire team. They deserve an extra bonus.

Srđan Bogdanović, Ministry of Culture and Media

Project Management ONLINE – Project management according to the PMI method

I would like to thank you for the great organization, availability and continuous support through education. Your lecturers are excellent, everything was very pleasant and we will surely see you at more Mirakul educations. Well done!

Ana Maria Filipović Grčić

Digital marketing - ONLINE

The education was excellent, it met my expectations and more. Your lecturers are very professional, and most of all I was delighted that we spent very little time on theory and everything was worked on concrete examples from practice. What do we, as a profile of people who listened to it, need, because all of us who listened to it, some more, some less, have theoretical knowledge. What we needed was what we got through all these lectures in the shortest possible time, to pick up as much knowledge as possible from practice and of course to be able to apply it immediately in our work. How satisfied I am, the fact that I am interested in additional education with you speaks volumes.

Barbara Cetina, IN Digital

Social Media Specialist - ONLINE

Thank you! The program was excellent and very interesting! I will surely come back to you for a new portion of tips&tricks?

Yelena Gvozdanovish,Klimaoprema dd

Mini MBA Leadership Skills – ONLINE

On the recommendation of a colleague, I decided on a mini MBA and I have not regretted it. Kudos to all the lecturers, who are extremely communicative, interesting, full of experience and very easily transfer their knowledge to all participants. I believe that this is an education that everyone should go through at least once in their life and open their horizons, understand better how to behave at work, but in private life, how to understand all different types of people and how to change yourself for the better and manage your time and emotions . This program allowed me to understand what I am doing wrong as a leader and a person and how to correct those mistakes in the best possible way. I will try to transfer everything I have learned to my entire team in business, but also in my personal life and relationships with people, because this program really affects the creation of better people.

Sandra Bartoloti, Axonist

Mini MBA Leadership Skills – ONLINE

I really want to praise the program as well as the excellent lecturers, I have to admit that overall it exceeded my expectations. I definitely recommend you further :-)

Lidija Supek, owner of the company

Digital marketing - ONLINE

Excellently explained, not too fast, we are based more on the application than the theoretical part, and I like that more, so that you can see the application in reality and in every situation. All in all, 5+.?

Dino Halar, ATEL doo

SEO-Optimization of websites for search engines - ONLINE

The seminar was interesting and instructive, the lecturer presented the material comprehensibly with many examples of how to use the tools and examples from practice. I believe this information will help me in my further study of seo optimization.

Apis IT, Dalibor Štagljar

Mini MBA Leadership Skills – ONLINE

Mirakul's Mini MBA Leadership Skills has excellent lecturers, lecture topics and organization. The teaching includes an equal ratio of theoretical and practical, and the lecturers come from different fields and have many years of experience, which further enriches the teaching. The manager of the Education Center is always available and very accommodating. It's a miracle for every recommendation! :)

Antonia Svetic

AI for Professionals – ChatGPT in everyday business'

Dear organizers, especially Vedrane! Today's education was extremely interesting, excellently prepared in terms of content and dynamics. The level of knowledge and enthusiasm (both theoretical and practical) that Vedran has about this rather topical topic is impressive. The best of all is that he very generously shared this knowledge and previous experience with the participants and, with this kind of education, he was already among the first to promote knowledge and adaptation to the presence of AI, to raise awareness of the possibilities and benefits of AI / ChatGPT implementation in work and life, but and on the limits, perspective and dangers of AI, now and for the future. Thank you very much for the shared knowledge and passion for learning and improving yourself and the world around you. I would also be happy with the "Vedran 5.0" education. :)

Višnja Bilobrk, JGL

Project Management Academy

Thank you for the materials and thank you for the excellent organization of the seminar. Everything was commendable. Pleasant space where the seminar was held, the lecturer was excellent, lunches and coffees and your support with materials and everything else...I will definitely recommend it for the future and I hope to have the opportunity to participate in something else again.

Ana-Marija Čule

HR Excellence Training - ONLINE

I am extremely satisfied with the HR Excellence Training - ONLINE program, which I believe is very useful for experts who deal with HR, but also for all those who would like to deal with this topic and raise the level of their organizations to a higher level. I find particularly interesting and useful examples from the practice and experience of others. I also praise the lecturers who are excellent experts with rich experience and a wide range of knowledge. And finally, thanks and praise for the well-coordinated organization of the program and the implementation of training.

Željka Žinić, HRPRO doo an SD Worx Company

Digital marketing - ONLINE

I would like to emphasize that we are very satisfied with the program. It will be, and already is, helpful for working in our business. I used the LMS platform; I missed one lecture, I later listened to it via a recording of the lecture along with a presentation that was also posted on the platform. By the way, I must also praise the lecturers who gave extremely good and interesting presentations where each of the lecturers made themselves available for any questions, either during the lecture or afterwards. I would like to thank you for the transferred knowledge and commitment to our satisfaction. We hope that the results will soon show through our work, but as we were taught through lectures; we will be patient in waiting for good results from our digital business!


HR Excellence Training - ONLINE

Participating in the 'HR Excellence Training – ONLINE' program provided me with new knowledge, new perspectives and apart from the content prepared by the lecturers, I enjoyed being part of a group of HR enthusiasts open to sharing experience and discussion.

Sara Goršek, Cobe

AI for Professionals – ChatGPT in Everyday Business Operations

Dear organizers, especially Vedran! Today's education was extremely interesting, very well prepared in terms of content and dynamics. The level of knowledge and enthusiasm (both theoretical and practical) that Vedran possesses about this particular topic is impressive. The best of all is that he very generously shared this knowledge and previous experience with the participants and, with this kind of education, he was already among the first to promote knowledge and adaptation to the presence of AI, to raise awareness of the possibilities and benefits of AI / ChatGPT implementation in work and life, but also on the limits, perspective and dangers of AI, now and for the future. Thank you very much for the shared knowledge and passion for learning and improving yourself and the world around you. "Vedran 5.0" education would also make me happy. :)

Višnja Bilobrk, JGL

AI for Professionals - ChatGPT in everyday business - ONLINE

Dear Sir/Madam, Once again, I would like to thank you for the presentation, and although I already had experience with ChatGPT, I expanded my knowledge through the presentation. Especially about the capabilities of the GPT systems themselves, and potentially their application.

Dejan Jelenčić, Vodovod Pula doo

Digital marketing - ONLINE

Dear Sir or Madam, Thank you for your professionalism and flexibility. The educations are excellent and all the lecturers are great experts, and available even after the lectures, to be commended! I will certainly follow your training programs further.... Sincerely,

Marina Maričić

Digital marketing - ONLINE

I am glad that I chose your program for education in the field of digital marketing. The modules covered all important aspects of digital marketing, the lecturers were great and you did a great job organizing the educational program. I believe that all the information, advice and content that we received at the training will be useful in my professional development and growth. ????

Makromikro group doo, Monika Ravlić

Mini MBA Leadership Skills – ONLINE

I am very satisfied with the program, considering that I have been in my current position for a short time, every new knowledge, every new experience is of great help to me. I already apply a lot of what I have learned in practice. At the same time, your platform is very clear and everything you need is easy to find, very "user friendly".

Petra Hrastić, Carlsberg Croatia

Digital marketing - ONLINE

An excellent course for anyone who wants to learn more about marketing. I like the flexibility that an online course provides. You have access to the materials whenever it suits you, which is especially useful if you work or have a full schedule. The instructors are experts in the field of digital marketing and approach classes in an extremely structured and understandable way. In addition, the support and communication with the instructors was excellent. They were always ready to answer questions. Overall, this online digital marketing course was outstanding. I recommend it to anyone who wants to gain a deep understanding of digital marketing and put that knowledge into practice.

Bel-Press doo, Matej Šimić

SMM - Community management - ONLINE

Hello Ana, Unfortunately I could not follow the lecture live on Wednesday on the subject of SMM - Community management, but now I have watched the video so I can share my impressions with you. In one word, I am delighted. The best and highest quality 3 hours in which I understood everything I was interested in about digital marketing and what I had some doubts about. A real honor! I was speechless. Kudos to you Ana and Mirakul.

Bel-Press doo, Matej Šimić

InHouse Leadership Academy

This was a perfect experience, we enjoyed every Module of the Leadership Academy and we have already started to apply the learned knowledge. In addition to the educators, I would like to thank the manager of Mirakula the most, our arrangements and communication went without any problems and quickly.

Dijana Kapetanović, Pharmacist

Social Media Specialist - ONLINE

Dear Sir/Madam, Kudos to Mirakul for the organization of the education, as well as the lecturers. Information and new knowledge are very practical and, most importantly, applicable in everyday life. I will continue to follow your posts and maybe we will meet again at some of your seminars and programs. Thank you very much!

Anja Baričević Biuk, City of Crikvenica

InHouse ChatGPT in everyday business

Dear Sir/Madam, Thank you for the Persuasion. The lecture was extremely useful and very interesting, and the lecturer exceeded all expectations.

Mira Parlov, NP Brijuni

HR Excellence Training - ONLINE

Although there are various training courses on human resources on the market, it was Mirakul that successfully captured the core of HR activities in a series of training courses accessible to everyone, from beginners to experienced experts. I commend the 'HR Excellence Training – ONLINE' program with regard to the selection of relevant topics and pleasant and experienced lecturers. At the end of the day, the networking of the attendees was also significant because every internal HR faces various challenges in their work, and joint learning and sharing of good practices is invaluable.

Katarina Osmakčić

HR Excellence Training - ONLINE

The program in 'HR Excellence Training – ONLINE' was a complete hit. The lecturers were at a professional level, with rich work, business and life experience. The lectures were useful for several reasons - most of the lecturers conveyed practice and the concrete situation in the everyday life of all our environments, which is sometimes much more significant and much more applicable than the theory itself. Lectures that were of an interactive type were the most interesting for me, because we communicated with other participants and applied what we learned on the spot.

Dora Gašparac, Intralot Adriatic

Mini MBA Leadership Skills – ONLINE

I want to praise the program and the lecturers. In a short period of time, experts from various fields showed us how to apply different leadership techniques with real and close examples. In addition, it was great to learn from the practical examples of other participants, especially since we come from different backgrounds and industries.

Ana Marija Barišić

HR Academy

I am satisfied with the lecture and the lecturers. Participation is very pleasant and also useful. Everyone participates with their stories, examples and comments, so a lot can be learned from these examples, the exchange of experience is always invaluable.

Silvija Pavić, FI.-MA. doo

HR Academy

As a lawyer and not an HR person, I learned a lot through the modules of the HR Academy, and the lecturers conveyed their passion for HR to me and opened and broadened my horizons. I would appreciate your enabling hybrid participation.

Ana Kičin Brulja, Croatian Chamber of Commerce

HR Academy

The location is excellent for me. The possibility of high-quality online monitoring in case of force majeure and inability to participate, it is indeed very valuable. The breaks are well distributed, I greatly appreciate the respect of the announced deadlines.

Ana Marija Lakić Margeta, Red Noses

HR Academy

Even though I'm online, I feel like I'm live. I can easily follow the content and actively participate in the discussions. I regularly use the LMS platform and solve knowledge tests, I like this method of testing and the availability of all materials.

Ana Magdić Matučec, ACG Europe doo

HR Academy

Honestly, for the first time in my life I had a feeling that I am in the right education.

Thank you!

Katarzyna Bobanović, GTV Croatia doo

Mini MBAs

Regarding the MINI MBA Academy, I can only say words of praise. The topics were excellently done. Program leader, Mrs. Jasminka Samardžija, took care of the quality of the lectures all the time and tried to make our lectures as dynamic and attractive as possible. The lecturers were excellent and superbly prepared for the lectures as well as their accompanying material. The size of the group was optimal, which allowed everyone to be equally active. My rating is 5+ and I hope that in the future you will have more such interesting seminars where I will be very happy to join.

Zoran Škrobonja, INA Maziva

Advanced sales skills

In the past ten years, I have attended numerous trainings of a similar nature, and I can conclude that it is a real rarity that someone can hold the audience's attention for so long. At the Advanced Sales Skills seminar, Mr. Antolović showed that he has charisma, expertise and the ability to convey knowledge in a very interesting and specific way. I am glad that I had the opportunity to attend such an education!

Dinko Mandurić, Mesna industrija Ravlić


My colleagues and I, who attended the GDPR seminar, are very satisfied with what we heard because we learned a lot in a short time. The lecturer covered the topic in a very interesting and concrete way, and the presentation was clear and included all the necessary information. The seminar is very professionally organized.

Sandra Šimetić Širola, Privredna banka Zagreb

Mini MBAs

I am extremely honored to have had the opportunity to attend the last module of the mini MBA, so this opportunity will probably result in me deciding to attend the remaining modules next year, but more on that after the summer. Rating of lecturer's knowledge: excellent (+) Content rating: excellent (+) Rating of presentation skills: excellent (+). Mr. Premužak (which I publicly stated at the end of the lecture) was not only a pleasant surprise, but it was unknown to me until now that a manager of such capacity led a public company on our market. Congratulations to you on your choice of partner! This is what all teachers, professors and lecturers should look like. I come from the financial sector and I have a lot of rich work experience, I attended many business schools, international conferences, but I express all my praise to you because you are not behind the international community at all, if not better!

Tatjana Maček, Privredna banka Zagreb

HR Academy

I am extremely satisfied with what I obtained at the HR Academy, since I broadened my horizons in the field of human resources. I immediately started applying the acquired knowledge in practice because, in the company where I currently work, I am implementing the project of introducing the human resources department, starting with the new systematization and continuing. I am grateful for the knowledge provided at the HR Academy and I look forward to new similar seminars.

Iva Ilicic, Spin Valis

Google Analytics

Zorin Radovančević is an excellent lecturer, short, clear, precise and concrete. It can be seen that he is well versed in the subject of Google Analytics and that he is confident in his knowledge. At no point does he lose concentration because of direct questions from the participants. A lot of practical examples, and from theory only the most necessary - to understand the concepts we encounter.

Ivona Mihaljević, RECRO

Finance for managers

I would like to praise the first lecture as part of the Mini MBA - Management skills program that I enrolled in, which was held on the topic 'FINANCE FOR MANAGERS - analysis and interpretation of financial statements.' The lecture was clear, Mr. Garača and Mr. Premužak proved to be excellent lecturers. Mr. Garača took upon himself the task of clarifying some things about finances and he completely succeeded, while Mr. Premuzak is extremely interesting and instructive for my work.

Marko Čumbrek, Beta software

Sales analysis and tools for measuring sales results

It was a pleasure to attend a seminar with Mrs. Očko, organized by the Mirakul Education Center. The organization of the seminar was very good, and the lecturer is very professional and experienced. In any case, everything was more than satisfactory.

Jasmin Beširević, MKD "Mikrofin"

Web project management and Internet sales

I want to praise the seminar held on Friday. The lecturer handled the topic expertly and in a simple way, and the participants were active, deepening the topic with quality questions and cases from practice. And please pass on the praise to the waiter who was so kind and polite that he could be a mentor and a positive example for most waiters working in tourism.

Natalija Hrg, Ivančica dd


The presentation and lecture were extremely useful for gaining knowledge about compliance with the new GDPR law. Lawyer Kladar's lecture was comprehensible, clear and of high quality. Also, the entire organization of the education was at a high level and took place in a pleasant environment. We look forward to future cooperation and education!

Josip Sindičić, Marina Punat

Procurement improvement process

I had the need to write to you regarding yesterday's lecture on the topic of 'Procurement improvement process'. Namely, I am extremely satisfied with the education and I think it was very useful and efficient. You are still guided by the fact that the competences of the lecturers are at this level, as it was yesterday. Sandro Lovrić's lecture at the "Procurement Improvement Process" seminar was very interactive and interesting, so I don't regret at all that I attended the training despite extremely bad weather conditions.

Mirta Brkan, Spin Valis

Procurement improvement process

Given that Sando Lovrić is an experienced lecturer, he knows real life situations and the measures by which they are resolved. The examples in the training on the topic 'Procurement improvement process' are really something you encounter every day, and the solutions and conscience are useful. The lecture content is filled with exercises and important to-the-point guidelines. The lecture and Sandro were extremely pleasant, as well as the space and organization. Just praise!

Sandra Savić, Elektro Kontakt

A successful and convincing public performance

The seminar "Successful and persuasive public performance" fully met my expectations and at 14:XNUMX p.m. I never once thought "oh, when will it end". It's interactive, interesting, and things I don't hear for the first time were not boring and uninteresting. I praise the lecturers and have recommended the seminar to my work colleagues. I really wouldn't change anything.

Valentina Šantić, Erste & Steiermärkische banka

Reward Management

Many thanks for the kindness and expediency on the part of Mirakul. Each of your seminars is truly a special story, a special experience and a new opportunity for professional upgrading. Congratulations to the lecturer Jasminka Samardžija.

Advija Kulović, BH Telecom Sarajevo

Integrated marketing communication on the Internet

Hereby, I would like to express my praise for the held seminar. The lecturers are motivated, professional and ready to answer the specific questions of the participants. The topics are interesting, and the content is comprehensive, but also adapted to participants with little prior knowledge.

Dario Antić, Thalassotherapia Crikvenica

Mini MBAs

The experience of participating in the MINI MBA program contributed to my new knowledge in the field of management. The lectures were interesting and innovatively conceived with many practical examples. The participants were people from different spheres of social activity, which was useful for exchanging experiences and expanding the business social network of contacts. I would recommend the education to people in positions of responsibility, as an indispensable part of additional education in terms of leadership and management.

Marijan Alfonso Sesar, Silver Rehabilitation Center

HR Academy

I consider the entire HR Academy extremely useful, since I come from a company where human resources in terms of management and strategic management are just in their infancy, and with the engagement, knowledge and indeed expertise of all the lecturers, I gained a good insight into the processes and practices of human resources management.

Ana Marinović, Luka Ploče

Mini MBAs

The Mini MBA program is a short business module that I was looking for to escape from everyday work without spending a lot of time. Small groups, lots of interaction and interesting lecturers. The commitment of Jasminka Samardžija and the method of preparation are to be commended. Also, the experiences of other lecturers and participants are for me the most valuable part of such educations.

Ana Vukelic, Pandent

Internet Marketing Academy

The seminars were useful to me as a good basis for starting work with new tools, which I had not had the opportunity to work with before. The lecturers were experts with a lot of practical experience, and the organization of the seminar itself was at a high level. I would recommend the seminars to anyone interested in Internet marketing.

Gordan Ćuk, TÜV Croatia doo

Mini MBAs

I really liked the Mini MBA Academy, because we had to analyze ourselves a lot, what we do well and what we can improve, and at the same time we heard the experiences of very successful people. Each lecturer told about his experience, successes and problems. Also, the other participants were very interesting and a really nice chemistry was created in the team.

Māra Vītols – Hrgetić, Forum Congress Center

Internet Marketing Academy

Thank you for the excellent education - it was very interesting and useful for us. All lecturers, especially Mr. Maričić, really did their best to share their great knowledge and experience with us. I was really satisfied, and I think the other participants were too.

Sandra Lovrić Lončarić, GDi GISDATA

HR Academy

The HR Academy certainly provides a good insight into HRM processes, the understanding and breadth of the concept of human resources and human potential management, and is therefore particularly useful for people who are just starting their careers in the field of human resources, as well as for people who are in leadership positions, who inevitably require an understanding of the importance quality team management and investment in potential.

Ana Vučković, Agency for Mobility and Programs of the European Union

HR Academy

After listening to more than half of the planned education modules, I would like to single out two people as excellent lecturers and experts: Ms. Nela Bučević and Ms. Jasminka Samardžija. It was very very interesting, interactive and useful for my work!

Željka Barić, Dom Duga Zagreb

Personal Branding & Storytelling - How to communicate your own successes in business - Mirakul (2024)


How can you use personal branding to successfully promote yourself? ›

A Seven-Step Process
  1. Define your purpose. First you need a long-term vision and mission. ...
  2. Audit your personal brand equity. ...
  3. Construct your personal narrative. ...
  4. Embody your brand. ...
  5. Communicate your brand story. ...
  6. Socialize your brand. ...
  7. Reevaluate and adjust your brand.

How to use storytelling for personal branding? ›

Using Storytelling to Build a Powerful Personal Brand
  1. Be authentic: Your personal brand story should be true to who you are, so make sure to be authentic and honest in your storytelling.
  2. Be specific: Instead of talking in generalities, use specific examples and anecdotes to make your story more relatable and memorable.

What is the 5 step approach to personal branding? ›

Conduct a personal raw materials assessment by examining your (a) current strengths, (b) potential strengths, (c) faults and bad habits, (d) interests, desires, and passions, (e) personality, and (f) core values. You can't effectively build your brand if you don't know what you're starting with.

What are 5 helpful strategies you can use to build your own personal brand? ›

Five Tips to Branding Yourself
  • #1: Define your brand and become an expert. ...
  • #2: Establish a presence. ...
  • #3: Generate brand awareness through networking. ...
  • #4: Remember the 3 Cs of branding. ...
  • #5: Get feedback from those who know you best—at work, at home, anywhere.

What are the three C's of branding? ›

The three Cs are: clarity, consistency, and constancy. Does your brand pass the Three C Test? Strong brands are clear about what they are and what they are not. They understand their unique promise of value.

How do you introduce yourself in personal branding? ›

You should always opt for a relatively short, precise and strong introduction that immediately lets your audience know who you are, and what is the value that you offer. Not focusing on what sets you apart — If you are in a room full of people with similar skillsets, simply stating what you do won't cut it.

What is a brand storytelling example? ›

Brand storytelling examples. Some brands have a meaningful story embedded in their company and product DNA (e.g., TOMS shoes) and some have to come up with a creative story that makes their product meaningful (e.g., most enterprise SaaS companies).

What are the four pillars of brand storytelling? ›

The key elements that make up a brand story are: characters (who is involved in the story), plot (what the characters are doing), theme (the overarching idea behind the story), and dialogue (what the characters are saying).

How do you use storytelling to grow your business? ›

Use storytelling to build trust: People are more likely to buy from brands they trust. When you share stories that relate to the audience, they think "Wow, this brand/company really understands me! They get who I am!" Once people feel that way, you become the obvious solution.

What are the 4 C's of personal branding? ›

Four C's. This framework revolves around core elements: Clarity, consistency, content, and communication.

What are the 7 pillars of personal branding? ›

To understand and build your personal brand, start with a self-assessment on the seven pillars: purpose, values, brand clarity, authenticity, strengths, energy and legacy. Use what you learn about yourself to decide where to spend your time and energy to work on enhancing your personal brand.

What is the golden rule of personal branding? ›

Rule 1: Define your authentic self through self-assessment and reflection on values and unique qualities. Rule 2: Set clear goals using the SMART framework. Rule 3: Understand your target audience through audience personas and market research.

What makes a powerful personal brand? ›

Your personal brand should be a true reflection of your genuine skills, strengths, passions, values, and beliefs. It's not only easier to show up as yourself, it will also have a stronger impact and resonate better with your target audience.

What are the 5 C's of personal branding? ›

Clarity, consistency, content, connection, and confidence are all equally important pieces of the puzzle for building a successful personal brand. Focus on developing and mastering each of the five C's, and your personal brand will surely help you accomplish your goals.

How to brand yourself as a lady? ›

That's all fine, but once a woman starts thinking of self-branding, the question appears:
  1. What is the first step to take? ...
  2. Come up with a legend. ...
  3. Use communication all out. ...
  4. Earn your social bankroll. ...
  5. Promote efficiently, but gently. ...
  6. Keep promises. ...
  7. Invest in self. ...
  8. Remain true to yourself.

How can I be successful in personal branding? ›

Now that we understand what a personal brand is let's dive into the steps to build one effectively:
  1. Step 1: Define Your Brand Identity. ...
  2. Step 2: Know Your Target Audience. ...
  3. Step 3: Craft Your Personal Brand Statement. ...
  4. Step 4: Develop Your Online Presence. ...
  5. Step 5: Create Valuable Content. ...
  6. Step 6: Network and Build Relationships.
Dec 29, 2023

How is personal branding useful? ›

A strong personal brand can help you build trust with others and showcase your expertise. When building your personal brand, it is important to be authentic and consistent. Use your personal brand to create a network of like-minded individuals who share similar values and passions.

How personal branding can boost your career? ›

Personal branding is all about showcasing your skills and talents to the world. It helps you build a strong reputation and grow your network, which can be really helpful in getting ahead in your career. Personal branding is not the same as having a good reputation. It's more intentional and strategic.

What is personal branding examples? ›

For example, someone teaching online coding courses may list tools and programming languages. Values: Your values show what you stand for and what others can expect from you. Design: Elements like the color scheme, logo, and fonts, make up your design. Put together, they create a visual brand that people can recognize.


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